Using EXS instruments in Reaper

AUi Sampler main screen
AUi Sampler

If you have transitioned from Logic to Reaper on a Mac then it is possible that you, like me, miss some of the EXS instruments that were previously available.

For that reason I thought I would put together a very short video showing how to use the AUi Sampler in Reaper. This allows you to open EXS files from your Logic sampler instruments directory on Mac HD. For people who use it regularly, you can store the samples anywhere on your computer as long as the EXS files themselves reside in the correct directory which is MAC HD>Library>Application support>Logic>Sampler Instruments.

You do get a lot less features than with the EXS24 (and good luck finding a user guide for it – let me know if you do) but it’s great to have even a tiny part of its functionality available.

Also, not a user guide per se, but there is some extra info on the dev page here regarding compatibility.

It states that all Logic Pro 9 factory instruments are supported, as well as, a large number of the factory Logic Pro X EXS24 files, however some complex instruments may not work. Also compatible are any EXS24 instrument created in Logic Pro 9, or Logic Pro X.

Free Sample

Over a year ago I posted a free EXS Instrument of an accordion I made with a friend, so here it is again. If memory serves me correctly we used a modded Apex 205 Ribbon Mic and the ISA One to capture it.

Feel free to download and use as you wish.

Here is a little demo we created in Logic…

Have fun!

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