Monotür FREE!

MonturGUIwebMonotür is a Bass Station 2 sampled using an AKAI S1000HD. It includes 7 sounds and was the first of the small series of Music Box Instruments. The samples are of unique presets from a Bass Station 2 and were all recorded with the AKAI apart from ‘Tape Bass’, which was recorded onto cassette using a Tascam 488MK2.

The sounds are raw and do not loop, but are highly useable especially when combined with delay and reverbs, as well as a MIDI sequencer.

The Kontakt instrument includes a high and low pass filter section to help you fit sounds into a mix, as well as an FX section and Drive knob. The mod wheel is a sine wave LFO.

Check out some sound examples*…

*the demo track has sounds from Brutto and Monotür. All drums are from NI Battery.

You can tweak some of the FX parameters in edit view in Kontakt but the script is locked.

Monotür is FREE! Get it….



  • 7 BassStation 2 sounds sampled using an AKAI S1000HD
  • Kontakt Instrument only
  • 3 IR’s from the Boss DD5 Guitar pedal
  • Individual WAV files
  • Requirements

  • Kontakt 5 + (Works for a time limit in Kontakt Player)
  • Any software or smaller that can import 24 bit WAV files
  • Music Production, Mixing, Composition