Ahh, the familiar sound of the SP-303, one of the most sought after digital samplers used by artists such as J Dilla and Madlib.

Not just a sampler, but a full-blown effects processor, the SP-303 includes effects like reverb, chorus, Isolator, Filter + Drive and the much beloved Vinyl Simulator algorithm.


Medizin is a free Ableton sample pack and another marriage of old and new, containing 50mb of drums created with the Teenage Engineering Tonic PO32 sampled into the SP-303.

The sample pack includes individual sounds, dry and processed with the SP-303 on-board FX, as well as a selection of unique loops to chop up/reverse/mangle until your heart’s content.

Download for free here.

Please send any links to tracks you make using these sample packs telling me if you would like to feature your track on this page.


  • 7 PO32 sample sets sampled into a Dr Sample SP-303
  • 119 individual sample hits
  • 40 Loops
  • 50mb of samples in total

  • Ableton Live Standard or Suite

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