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Brutto FREE is a synth sample set created using a Korg Volca Bass and an AKAI S1000HD, and includes 9 original sounds. The free version was created using the TX16Wx sampler from CWITEC, which is available here and works with any DAW.

Just download and install the free version of the sampler and download the sample set from here.

Loading Samples

Once you have installed the free software and downloaded the samples, unzip the files and navigate to the Brutto.txprog file and hit open.


All of the sample sets are loaded into one project file, so just mute or unmute the samples as you need. You can have as many or as little groups playing together as you would like. Alternatively, you could add the raw files to your own preferred sampler, or buy the Kontakt version here for €5.

All individual keys have note info for easy mapping.


The Volca Bass is great for fuzzy sequenced bass lines and leads. Equipped with three oscillators it is also capable of creating three note chords, with the secret weapon being its analog filter. This means it can achieve aggressive squeals as well as warm pads (and lots of chaos in-between). If you like these samples and them in your tracks please send me links so I can take a listen.

Check out some sound examples from Brutto*…

*the demo track has sounds from Brutto and Monotür, which is available here for free. All drums are from NI Battery.


  • 9 Korg Volca Bass sample sets sampled into an AKAI S1000HD
  • TX16W Prog file and Individual WAV’s
  • 180mb of samples in total

  • Any software or sampler that can host VST format

All donations go towards site maintenance and new sample packs. Please subscribe to the mailing list for new samples and updates.

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